Texas Is “The Saudi Arabia of Wind Power”


A report by the American Wind Energy Association, discussed by Jennifer A. Dlouhy in the San Francisco Gate, finds that Texas and Iowa lead the U.S. in wind power production.

United States wind generation capacity rose in 2009 with approximately 5,700 new turbines installed resulting in more than 10,000 megawatts of power production capacity.  Texas, Iowa, California, Washington, and Oregon lead the nation in installed capacity, according to the article.

With Federal legislation requiring an increase in renewable power generation to fifteen percent of utilities’ yields, investment in alternative forms of power generation is expected to rise.

The SF Gate article cites Don Furman of the Oregon-based Iberdola Renewables as saying:

“Without a policy that gives clear guidelines to utilities to add renewables to the mix, we don’t necessarily see the public (enthusiasm) for renewables translating to actual demand.”

The growing influence of legislation and the development of alternative energy sources represent two of a number of emerging factors that will continue to influence energy markets on both a domestic and an international scale.