Twitter Use ‘Skyrockets’ in Saudi Arabia: Report


According to the London-based Asharq Alawsat newspaper, Twitter use in Saudi Arabia has skyrocketed in the last year. The 240 percent increase in users of the social networking website in Saudi Arabia, which is also convenient on mobile devices, is another marker in the Middle East’s increasing thirst for all things digital.

Badr Al-Qahtani’s report for Asharq Alawsat notes that the growth in Saudi Arabia is faster than that in many other nations:

“Twitter estimates that the rate of increase in the daily circulation of so-called ‘Tweets’, specifically messages shared by users in Saudi Arabia, has reached 440 percent, whilst pointing out that the global average is at a 95 percent increase.”

The increase of the use of new media by Saudis is and will continue to be a boon for awareness of world issues and communication in the Kingdom. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook also have great education potential for Saudi Arabia – the increase in their use shows a younger population interested in greater communication and connectivity in 21st century.