General Electric Scores $500m to Boost Saudi Generation Capacity


General Electric, the largest provider of turbines to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has won $500m in contracts from Saudi Electricity Company, according to a press release by GE.

The turbine technology for SEC power plant expansions “will support Saudi Arabia in meeting its growing power needs, especially during the hot summer months when electricity demand is at its peak,” the press release said.

These contracts bring GE Energy orders for SEC projects in the last two years alone to more than $2 billion. To date, GE Energy power generation technology and services are supporting the generation of nearly half of the Kingdom’s installed capacity, according to the press release from GE.

“In addition to supplying power generation technology, GE is providing all four plant expansions with technical advisory services as well as performance testing, which are critical to the successful installation of the plants. GE also is providing training for SEC technical teams to support them in the operation of the plants. Through the close relationship with SEC, GE has provided training to an increasing number of local SEC engineers and technicians annually. GE has steadily grown its local team to enhance customer service.

The new power plant expansion projects that GE will be supplying to include:

600-megawatt expansion of the SEC power plant in Qurayyah. GE will provide three 7FA gas turbines, one D11 steam turbine and four generators for combined-cycle service at the plant, which will supply additional power to Saudi Arabia’s Eastern region.

480-megawatt expansion of the PP-10 power plant 40 kilometers south of Riyadh City. GE will supply eight Frame 7EA gas turbines and generators, which will join 32 GE Frame 7EA gas turbines already installed at the site. GE’s 7EA gas turbines currently comprise more than 40 percent of SEC’s total fleet. The plant expansion will support the electricity needs of Saudi Arabia’s Central region.

480-megawatt SEC power plant expansion at Qassim, 350 kilometers north of Riyadh. GE has implemented two previous expansions at this site. For the latest extension, GE will provide eight Frame 7EA gas turbines and generators for simple cycle service, supporting SEC to meet the power needs of Saudi Arabia’s Central region.

120-megawatt expansion of the SEC power facility near Tabouk. GE will supply two Frame 7EA gas turbines and generators for simple-cycle duty at the site, which serves the Western region.”