Samsung Launches Smart TVs in Saudi Arabia


[PRESS RELEASE] -Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global specialist in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced the official launch of their innovative Smart TVs line up in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during an event at Jeddah’s Mall of Arabia.

Samsung’s launch came in line with their willingness to present to the consumers’ a hands on experience, whereby mall visitors had the privilege of being the first in the Kingdom to experience the features and capabilities of these advanced sets.

Samsung’s ‘Smart TV’ concept is all about allowing users to do more, yet keeping the entire experience surprisingly simple, rich and interactive. Samsung’s line of Smart TVs allows users to simply search for content they wish to view by typing in keywords, searching for the content and select what interests them from the results everything from broadcasted channels, movies, YouTube clips, updated news streams from the web and even personal content can be delivered and displayed on the screen using the Samsung [email protected] and AllShare features.

Other ‘Smart’ features have been incorporated into Samsung’s Smart TV including the Smart Hub, which is the interface to all of Samsung’s Smart TV features. From the Smart Hub the Search All feature can be easily accessible, view movie and app recommendations, open the Web Browser or launch all the apps downloaded to the users’ television. A dedicated web browser, optimized for use with Samsung’s Smart TV allows users to expand their TV entertainment experience by searching, watching online videos, reading news or even connecting to social networking sites, which is an extremely popular tool within our region. Search All is another feature which brings easy ways to locate shows users want to watch- even while they’re viewing live TV – and helps find related content on the web or other DLNA connected devices. ‘Your Video’ recommends movies and TV shows that reflect individual tastes that is based on ratings and previous viewing history.

Samsung App Webb Store, the world’s first TV application store, which is at the very core of the whole Smart TV concept, is a growing collection of premium web-connected apps specifically built for TV that connects users to their favorite digital content such as movies from Netflix or Blockbuster, TV shows from Hulu Plus, videos from YouTube, Next Level sports information from ESPN, music from Pandora, and social updates from Facebook or Twitter. Through this outstanding element, users will not stay up to date with every news, updates and other around-the-clock information, but will create an interactive sense between them and their television.

Mr. J.C Park, General Manager of Samsung Electronics, Saudi Arabia, stated, “Imagine a television that can actually think and engage with viewers? That time has come. Samsung’s continuous innovations that combine advanced technology and ‘smart’ features offer a more creative and recreational sense towards Samsung’s concept of a ‘Smart Life’ all embedded into a perfected and unique television. Being the number 1 globally in the audio visual TV market, our Smart TVs provide an unprecedented viewing experience and have raised the bar in the standards of home entertainment where screens come in LED, LCD and PDP display to give more elegance, comfort and choice to our consumers to fit their viewing taste. In addition, the new line up of PDP has Plasma +1 design, adds an additional inch to the total screen size of Plasma to facilitate our customers to embark on a unique viewing experience!”

Mr. Park continues explaining that, “Including Samsung’s Smart Hub, Apps and many more, Samsung Smart TVs pack in some spectacular technology features, with the absolute standout being the powerful 3D transformation feature. Instead of waiting in vain for the latest 3D content to be released, your Samsung Smart TV can take regular 2D movies, TV shows and other content viewed on your screen and transform them immediately and seamlessly into 3D. Not only this, but to perfect the 3D experience, we are providing a never-before 3D sound technology, resulting in a crisp, clear viewing experience with amazing depth.”

From his side, Mr. Adnan Matbouli, Chief Executive Officer of United Matbouli Group, Saudi Arabia, emphasized, “We are pleased and proud to be esteemed partners of Samsung Electronics, the world leader and innovator in the field of technology in its various forms. Through this partnership, together, we will ensure to provide the Saudi market with the most up-to-date technologies available to be in line with the global market.”

Mr. Matbouli added, “We hope that this product will not only meet, but exceed, consumer satisfaction, to provide them with a new dimension of home entertainments that offers comfort and convenience at the same time.”