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Welcome to arabianomics.com, the home of pan-Arabian trade and business news and commentary.

The US is Saudi Arabia’s largest trading partner and Saudi Arabia is the largest US export market in the Middle East.

Arabianomics.com is an online publication that is interested in defining and understanding the changing US-Saudi business, economic and trade relationship. We believe that perceptions on this complicated but important national friendship are outdated; no longer can the US-Saudi alliance be appropriately defined as “security for energy.” Within the last decade, Saudi Arabia has experienced an economic renaissance as it focuses on diversifying its economy and building for a stable economic future. This website hopes to create awareness and understanding of Saudi Arabia’s growing regional and global economic importance, because we believe there is great opportunity for American companies in Saudi Arabia.

Arabianomics.com is the next generation of our previous site, www.saudinomics.com, and will contain the archives of that project.

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