doTERRA Wintergreen Oil – Nepal and the doTERRA Essential Oil Difference (Translated Subtitles)

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doTERRA Wintergreen Oil – Nepal and the doTERRA Essential Oil Difference (Translated Subtitles)

What’s in this bottle? I say love. You see, in Nepal living is hard and opportunities are scarce. Especially after the terrible earthquake. For years I was unemployed.

My family of five lived in a one room hut with a tin roof, but then dōTERRA welcomed me as a harvester and lifted my entire family out of poverty. Each morning when my children are sleeping, I collect beautiful Wintergreen leaves for which dōTERRA guarantees a fair market price.

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What’s more, through dōTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing initiative, my loved ones have hope.

My children are now in school thanks to donated uniforms. My husband’s business is growing thanks to help opening a shop. We’ve even been able to secure our own land thanks to their help, and, most beautiful of all, on that land dōTERRA helped construct a new, earthquake-resilient home. I never dreamed we would call a house like this our home.

But this story isn’t unique to us. dōTERRA is empowering our entire community. We all feel safer after dōTERRA funded the construction of a new modernised hospital and renovated our earthquake-damaged schools, and we all feel more self-sufficient after dōTERRA opened a lab to teach sustainable agriculture practices to students and farmers alike. This remarkable journey of love doesn’t end here. Each morning I take the Wintergreen leaves to dōTERRA’s community distillation unit. The site responsibly employs local artisan distillers who carefully capture Wintergreen’s natural therapeutic properties.

Then the precious oil makes its way to dōTERRA’s state of the art lab where scientists apply the most advanced tests to ensure the oil’s purity and potency. dōTERRA has even partnered with over 100 research university and medical facilities to find the best applications of essential oils.

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Ultimately, dōTERRA does this all because it cares about your family as much as it cares about mine. What’s in this bottle?

I say love.