How to Collect Oil Lamps : Condition in Antique Oil Lamps

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How to Collect Oil Lamps : Condition in Antique Oil Lamps

When collecting oil lamps, the thing that you really need to consider is condition. lamps, try to buy
Condition is really important because your resale value or the amount of money you spend on this lamp is going to dictate what your resale value is. If it is intact when you buy it and intact when you sell it, so condition makes a huge difference in your price.

So some of the things to consider are if you are buying a piece of glass like this, if it is not cracked or chipped or lines running through it, chunks missing off of it. So this is a really good example of just showing roughness. really good example of just
There is roughness on the edges here but there aren’t chips or chunks taken out of it. Roughness is a pretty acceptable thing when you are looking at oil lamps, fluid lamps.

Chunks and chips are not as acceptable. Something to consider is rarity. If you have an oil lamp that is very rare and very expensive and hard to find, then these chips will be taken into consideration so the best advice I can offer you is when you buy or purchase one of these lamps, try to buy it as perfect condition as possible because it is going to make a huge difference in the value. Glass anytime it is broken or chipped is what we consider a shelf piece so obviously if the font has a chip or a crack in it, you can’t use it either. So that is another thing to consider when you are buying something that is damaged.

If you want to actually use these lamps, I would make sure that the font is intact if you are buying it just for that reason. as possible because it is
Another thing to consider is the wear. Obviously, there is a lot of wear on the bottom of this and that is not a problem when you are collecting. lamp that
That is something you want to see. So this is something you look for also.

Also when you are collecting and I can show you here on this lamp, the brass connector here has cracks on it and I think that you can see that if I show that close up, there is cracks and splits in it which do not help the value of this lamp. The rarity of the font would determine whether or not I would purchase this lamp if it had lines in the connector so that is something to consider too. If I had a choice, I would not purchase this lamp that has cracks in it.

I would prefer to have one that is whole.