How to Collect Oil Lamps : Resources for Collecting Antique Oil Lamps

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How to Collect Oil Lamps : Resources for Collecting Antique Oil Lamps

Resources for collecting these lamps, my suggestions would be that you would peruse the antique shops and look and see what’s there to try to define what type of oil lamp you want to collect. Whether it’s one lamp or twenty one lamps, one way to be, to get a hands on would be to go to a museum and take a look at them in a museum, that’s one choice or go to shop, antique shops that carry nineteenth century and take a look and see what they have, and also another resource is shows. shop, antique shops that carry
Shows are usually seasonal and you can look them up in any magazine or periodical that you can find on antiques and they‘ll, they are a great resource for a hands on look at what these oil lamps look like, how much they, they’ll cost you and which choices you might want to make. think are
Another option for you is to look at auctions.

Auction houses and auction galleries will sell these lamps during their antique sales.

like, how much

You can find them at auctions so look for their flyers or preview some auctions that are handling some early nineteenth century lamps. what type of oil lamp
Another source might be the internet, that is always a good source but the drawback to that is that you can’t see and touch any of this material so it is hard to know what you’re getting so beware, it’s a buyers beware when you go onto the internet and eBay is a very good source to look up and see what price ranges things are going for and you know when you feel confident then just go to eBay and try to buy a few lamps.

That, those are, those are the number of sources that I can offer you that I think are a good place to start.