Mini Oil Press +91 951200 6773 | Oil expeller Machine For Home

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Mini Oil Press +91 951200 6773 | Oil expeller Machine For Home

Hello Friends, This is a food grade mini oil press for home use. It weighs 4.5KG only. It can extract 3-5KG oil in an hour. It consume only 1.25unit power in a hour which is very less compare to other machines.

machine diagram

This is a machine diagram and specifications.

Also showing parts used in this compact machine. This product comes with oil cup, residual cup, filter net, splash card, cable, gloves, cleaning brush and user manual. To open grinding chamber, open side locks first. Then lift a front portion a bit and remove it from assembly. LIKE this article and
Grinding chamber is locked right now.

Turn it like this to remove grinding chamber. Then you can easily remove screws as well. Grinding chamber and screws are made of SS304(Purest form of steel) which is 100% food grade. External body is made from 100% food grade plastic.

It’s very easy to use this machine. Fix chamber and screws first of all if they are removed and lock them. Place filter and oil cup below grinding chamber and waste collector in the front. Turn the switch on after putting in cable.

Display will show temperature of grinding chamber. Push PLAY button when temperature reaches 180C. Inside screw will start rotating when you press play button. CORN because they have
Then you can add raw material in the hoper. We are using peanuts for demo purpose.

As you can see, waste is collected nicely into waste collection bowl keeping your platform nice amp; clean. It has already started extracting oil which is collected in oil cup beneath chamber. This machine has yeild ration of 91%. It means 91% oil will be extracted from whatever material you are using. This is the best ration in the Indian market.

Extracted oil is not heated because this is a cold press machine. Turn off the machine after material is finished in the hoper. Press PLAY/PAUSE button to stop machine. Then press REVERSE button so that screw will start rotating in reverse direction to remove remaining material from the chamber. After sometime press the PLAY/PAUSE button again to clean the machine.

We do sell other oil expeller machines that are made from stainless steel. But you need to allow it to cool down after usage because it’s body temperature will be VERY HIGH. BUt this machine is better because you can clean it straight away after use. You can extract oil from all the materials that have oils.

However, don’t use materials like SOYBEAN amp; CORN because they have very little oil in them. LIKE this article and subscribe to our website to learn more about other machines.