Oilfast – Suppliers of Kerosene Heating Oil in Scotland

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Oilfast – Suppliers of Kerosene Heating Oil in Scotland

Oilfast is an independent oil delivery company offering a personal service and the most competitive prices for kerosene heating oil to households across Scotland. Here’s how it works: you can give us a call and speak to someone on our friendly customer service team who will arrange a delivery for you. We understand how important it is for you to receive your fuel on time so we use local drivers who are dedicated to providing a great service.

Our knowledge of the Scottish fuels market means we can offer you Heating Oil at the best possible price.

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we also have an easy-to-use Budget Payment Scheme, credit facility and online tools that can help you to plan and spread your payment. “I changed the Oilfast a couple of years ago, primarily because of the very competitive rates. and I’ve stayed with them ever since for the same reason and their very, very, friendly staff both at the office and when they‘re here for the delivery the drivers are always very friendly and polite… know what my outgoings
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I pay by direct debit every month I set an amount based on what I’ve used in the past couple of years. I can set aside a set amount each month and I can look ahead and know what my outgoings are going to be. I don’t have to wait on a large bill coming in every quarter or six months depending when I fill up, so I can plan my monthly expenditure with the Budget Account. and know what
The beauty is, with the Direct Debit method I’m using is that they come and top it up when they are are in the area, so I don’t actually ever run out of oil, I never will run out of oil because they always keep a check on it themselves.

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It was was always a bit of a ‘fear-factor’ especially if it was harsh winter. Now I have no concerns at all, I know my my tank will always be full of oil .” So for a great service and the most competitive prices for your heating oil, call your local Oilfast Depot today! Or visit us online at www.oilfast.co.uk