RoyaltyRange: Intellectual Property Royalty Rate Database

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RoyaltyRange: Intellectual Property Royalty Rate Database

RoyaltyRange is an intellectual property royalty rates database specifically developed for European transfer pricing purposes. RoyaltyRange enables you to find relevant comparables to facilitate a thorough economic transfer pricing analysis.

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So what are the main features over royalty data that you can find in the database? It is European territory.

The royalty rates data covers mainly the European region and also encompasses worldwide territory. Only recent years are covered, with royalty rates relating mostly to the licensing period from 2005 until the present day, with continuous updating to ensure the most recent royalty rates are included. Only arrangements between independent parties are taken into account when compiling the database.

The analysis and data extracted from each agreement is very detailed. current OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines
The data does not only cover the requirement of the current OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines, but is also fully compliant with the new chapter on intangibles by the OECD. This means that the database also contains data on the extent and duration of legal protection, useful life, stage of development, rights to enhancements, revisions and updates, expectations of future benefit and much more.

The database contains a detailed functional, risk, cost and asset analysis following the best practice as well as current and new OECD regulations. Whether the transaction involves use of intangibles, transfers of intangibles, or rights in intangibles, RoyaltyRange database contains precise manually gathered and analyzed data on royalty rates and licensing terms. analysis following the
A multitude of standardized comparability factors allows you to find perfect comparables for your analysis.

All of the data is gathered and analyzed manually by RoyaltyRange experts so that each royalty rate report is a result of deep and thorough analysis. region and also encompasses
Quality and reliability are the cornerstones of RoyaltyRange database and these achievements were accomplished during the years in development by transfer pricing practitioners. RoyaltyRange is your trustworthy tool even in the most complex European transfer pricing analysis.