‘Saudi Arabians to Drink Water from Air’


[PRESS RELEASE] – Saudi Arabians will soon be able to drink water to their heart’s content, thanks to the Water from Air product that will be marketed there by Vigilant (M) Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the QI Group of Companies.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to this effect was signed here today by the company’s managing director, Krish Kumar, and Nouf Idrees, a businesswoman and member of a prominent Saudi family to create Vigilant Saudi Arabia, which will act as the sole importer, distributor and agent of the Malaysian entity.

Present to witness the event was QI Group Managing Director, Joseph Bismark, Dr Yussof Alsagabe, the Head of Saudi Embassy Operations, and Bernhard H Mayer, the founder of Mayer Mint in Germany.

Krish said the product, which works by extracting air from the atmosphere, and condensing it through several filters to produce clean and safe drinking water, is expected to be an immediate hit and chalk up sales of 15% year-on-year.

“Saudi Arabia is a country that has limited water resources and a high evaporation rate. Water from Air is the ideal product that will allow households and offices to have drinking water throughout the day.

“It will also help them reduce their dependence on bottled water. Cost savings from using Water from Air is about 57% as the 15-liter capacity desktop unit can produce one liter of water at only USD0.15 compared to USD0.35 for a liter of bottled water.

“For the 35-liter capacity standup unit, the cost savings is 48% based on a production cost of USD0.18 per liter,” he said.

Nouf said the Ministry of Water and Electricity in Saudi Arabia had estimated that drinking water consumption per capita is at 102,000 liters annually or 286 liters daily. The consumption has been increasing by about 24% annually, and Saudi Arabia is now the third largest consumer of water, after the US and Canada.

“Saudi Arabia currently produces drinking water mainly through desalination plants, and this is projected to increase to 10 million cubic meters in the next 20 years.

“While underground water is available, it is not getting renewed fast enough due to seasonal rainfalls of only 70-100 millimeters annually, making us one of the most water poor countries in the world. This is precisely why we expect Water from Air to be an instant hit in the market,” she said.

Earlier, when addressing the guests, Bismark thanked Dr Yussof and the Saudi Government for being open to Malaysians wishing to do business in that country.

“We have wanted to take our Water from Air product abroad for some time. I wish to record my thanks to the Saudi Government for allowing us this fantastic opportunity,” he said.

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